FLASHBACK: Fauci warns of AIDS infection through 'casual contact' in the 80s

A 1980s interview with current U.S. National Institutes of Health Director Dr. Anthony Fauci has recently resurfaced and is making the rounds online.

Dr. Fauci Warns of AIDS infection through
AP Photo / Susan Walsh, Pool
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A resurfaced interview with Dr. Anthony Fauci from the early 1980s has emerged showing the doctor warning the public about the spread of AIDS, more specifically that it is possible to contract the virus through “casual contact.”

In the 1983 interview with ABC News, Dr. Fauci states that despite there not being any recorded cases, those simply in casual contact with a person with AIDS could possibly become infected. Fauci specifically warns of this possibility of spread amongst children in their homes.

Fauci also remarked that “the jury is still out on that,” in reference to hospital workers not getting infected by close contact.

“That may be far-fetched, in the sense that there have been no cases recognized as yet in which individuals have had merely casual contact... there have been no cases yet reported of hospital personnel who have fairly close contact with patients with AIDS, there have been no case reports of them getting AIDS, but the the jury is still out on that because the situation is constantly evolving.”

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