Federal government paid out $210 million in bonuses last year

Federal managers and executives received huge bonuses almost across the board while Canadians struggle with a cost-of-living crisis.

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Most departments in Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's federal government gave out bonuses to over 90% of executives or management, with Trudeau's bureaucrats in the Privy Council Office receiving performance compensation at the highest rate of all departments, 97%.

The data was uncovered in a government response to an order paper inquiry posed by Conservative MP Eric Melillo. However, CBC did not answer the order paper question, so the state broadcaster's executive bonuses remain a mystery.

Despite plummeting viewership and 800 pre-Christmas layoffs at the state broadcaster, CBC CEO Catherine Tait would not rule out taking a performance bonus of her own during her appearance before the House of Commons' heritage committee.

Tait's annual salary is pegged between $458,500 and $539,400, and can expect a bonus each year of 28%.

CBC receives approximately $1.3 billion in annual federal subsidies. However, CBC is not the only federal agency rewarding people to oversee failure.

Managers responsible for the bungled ArriveCan program were also paid bonuses, with those numbers uncovered in an inquiry posed by another Conservative MP, Jeremy Patzer.

"Five of the eight managers (62.5%) received At-Risk Pay and four of the eight (50%) received bonuses. For the Fiscal Year 2021-2022, 8 Executives worked on the ArriveCAN application.

Six of the eight (75%) received At-Risk pay and two (25%) received bonuses.

For Fiscal Year 2020-2021, an amount of $129,879 was paid in At-Risk Pay and $31,149 was paid in bonuses. For Fiscal Year 2021-2022, an amount of $166,052 was paid in At-Risk Pay and $15,849 was paid in bonuses."

During COVID travel restrictions, 76% of subcontractors working on the $54 million app required for Canadians to re-enter the country did no work for the pay they received.

Aside from the alleged high performers in the PCO, other high bonus departments included the Public Health Agency (92%), Health Canada (94%), and the Department of Finance (93%). Veterans Affairs had an 87.5% rate of executive bonuses.

The agency faced extreme criticism last year after several veterans came forward saying they were offered Medical Assistance in Dying when calling case workers with health concerns.

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