Federal government raking in the cash as Canadians struggle

Members of Parliament, senators, and even Prime Minister Trudeau accepted significant pay raises during the pandemic while Canadians struggled to make ends meet.

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On last night's episode of the Ezra Levant Show, guest host Sheila Gunn Reid was joined by Franco Terrazzano, the Federal Director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, to discuss members of Parliament, senators, and even Justin Trudeau taking significant pay raises while Canadians struggled through the pandemic.

As Terrazzano explained, "While their constituents have struggled with pay cuts, job losses, business losses, they've taken pay raise after pay raise after pay raise. Now let me throw a few numbers out there. If you look at the three pay raises that have happened during the pandemic, well in total, members of Parliament are now collecting over $10,000 more than they were pre-covid, while Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is now collecting over $20,000 more than he was pre-covid. It's unfair, and they need to give these pay raises back."

This is just an excerpt from the full Ezra Levant Show.

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