Scottish woman facing Coronavirus Act prosecution

Scottish police forced themselves into a private home and then threw a woman to the ground in front of her own children.

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Gabbie Burnett was thrown to the ground and arrested in January 2021 by Scottish police in Aberdeen for the suspected crime of breaking lockdown restrictions.

The police used the Coronavirus Act to enter Gabbie’s house and conduct a search because they suspected her of having an ‘illegal gathering.’

The truth was that Gabbie hadn’t broken any lockdown restrictions, she had just returned home from collecting her daughter, who’d just been discharged from the hospital.

The young woman heard a knock at the door and was confronted by police officers.

Gabbie stood her ground, protesting her innocence and refusing the police entry into her property. What happened next was caught on camera by her daughter and the video went viral.

The video showed Scottish police forcing themselves into a private property under the auspices of the Coronavirus Act and forcibly detaining Gabbie.

Following the incident, the Chief of Scottish police came out and said he was satisfied with his officers’ response to an alleged breach of COVID restriction, and that the officers’ body camera footage will shed light on the situation in due course.

It has taken more than a year for this case to come to court and Rebel News has taken up the fight by providing Gabbie with a top-notch lawyer who will defend her in court.

Rebel News’ freelance reporter, Callum Smiles, will be covering the court case and bringing regular updates as they happen.

If you can help support Gabbie’s legal fight against the unjustified COVID prosecution, then please visit

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  • By Callum Smiles

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