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Fight The Fines victory: $5,150 quarantine fine withdrawn for Manitoba woman

Cheryl's flight was cancelled four times because WestJet partner, Aeromexico, was prohibited from flying into Canada, so she decided to come across the US/Canada border by land into Manitoba.

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Cheryl Sinclair isn't a rich lady. She is on a fixed income, but she scrimped and saved for a chance to get away from the cold tyranny of Canada. Cheryl went to Mexico and then, all of a sudden, when closing the border was no longer “racist”, she was nearly stranded when she tried to get back home.

Her flight was cancelled four times because WestJet partner, Aeromexico, was prohibited from flying into Canada.

So, Cheryl decided to come across the U.S./Canada border by land into Manitoba.

She had a valid 72-hour negative COVID-19 PCR test with her, but she didn't get a second PCR test in Minneapolis. However, Cheryl was willing to get a COVID test at the Canadian border to prove she wasn't a disease vector.

But that wasn't good enough for Canadian border officials. They wanted that Minneapolis test before she got to them.

Because of this, she was given a $5,150 fine for “failure to comply with an order prohibiting or subjecting to any condition the entry into Canada”.

Even still, Cheryl went into quarantine because she is not a rule breaker.

She tried her best to follow the rules to the letter of the law, but when the law is changing day by day, and even border officials end up making it up as they go, how can a normal Canadian be fined for not getting everything perfect?

Thankfully, Cheryl reached out to, a civil liberties project that connects lawyers with people on the receiving end of lockdown legal trouble through a partnership with The Democracy Fund, a registered Canadian charity, and because of your generous donations, Cheryl was able to get all the legal help she needs.

Her ticket was withdrawn and Cheryl is so grateful to all the strangers who care enough about civil liberties to donate to

However, there is so much work left to do.

Although Cheryl has good news, there are still 2,200 other people still awaiting their good news story too. To help them, please visit All donations qualify for a charitable tax receipt from The Democracy Fund.

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