Former Australian PM snags front-row seat to Jordan Peterson talk

Parliament House speech by Canadian thought-leader draws a wide range of conservative politicians in Canberra

Former Australian PM snags front-row seat to Jordan Peterson talk
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Former Prime Minister Scott Morrison had a front-row seat to hear Jordan Peterson speak about the importance of “nuclear energy and nuclear families” in Canberra this week.

Morrison was among dozens of prominent politicians including One Nation senator Pauline Hanson and Liberal senators Matt Canavan and Jacinta Price who attended the event at Parliament House.

Peterson has been highly critical of the progressive left, likening their political tactics to those used by 20th-century Marxists.

The Canadian clinical psychologist’s visit attracted protests which Senator Matt Canavan dismissed as a leftie “meltdown”.

“The lefty meltdown about Jordan Peterson is hilarious ... even better than the talk,” Senator Canavan wrote on social media.

Canavan said Peterson encouraged political leaders “to fight for a coherent agenda of cheap energy, local environmental protection, holding up the nuclear family as the ideal and encouraging individual responsibility”.

“In a world dominated by the siren song of instant gratification, Jordan‘s message of the need for discipline and sacrifice, to achieve meaning and happiness, has resonated with millions,” he said.

Peterson came to worldwide attention in the mid-2010s when he dared to criticise the introduction of compelled speech in relation to addressing students by their chosen pronouns at universities in Canada.

He is now a household name with his YouTube videos having amassed nearly 450 million views.

Peterson is in Australia to promote his new book Beyond Order. He is speaking to sold-out audiences in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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