Former CBS reporter prefers newfound editorial freedom over imposed narratives

Allison Royal decided to resign and walk away from a dream job that had devolved into an occupational nightmare thanks to the politics and coercion associated with it.

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Allison Royal used to consider herself to be one lucky journalist. After all, she had secured a dream job as an on-air reporter for CBS News in a dream market, namely, beautiful San Diego, Calif.

But a not-so-funny thing happened to Allison en route to pursuing her broadcast journalism career: namely, once the COVID-19 pandemic hit, she soon discovered that being a mainstream media journalist was less about seeking out the truth… and more about pursuing certain agendas. (Can you say say, “Brought to you by Pfizer”?)

Indeed, it soon became abundantly clear from management that Allison would no longer be allowed to question anything that was not part of the pre-approved pandemic narrative. In fact, her TV news station seemed to morph into a glorified PR agency, the prime directive being to promote the State of California's "Let's Get Vaccinated" campaign.

And then along came the day when Allison herself was told she had to get the jab — or lose her job. Allison decided to resign, walking away from a dream job that had devolved into an occupational nightmare, thanks to the politics and coercion associated with all things coronavirus.

Allison Royal has since reinvented herself as an online independent journalist. That has resulted in a pay cut, but at least she now has something that was denied to her by CBS: editorial freedom.

Check out my interview with Allison as she blows the whistle on how mainstream media is behaving so egregiously in this day and age of COVID-19.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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