Founding Member of the CAQ speaks out on Legault's pandemic management

Stephane Hamel worked among the CAQ party for about 10 years until he got dismissed for having expressed his opinion about the vaccine passport on his personal social media page.

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Stephane Hamel is a founding member of the Coalition Avenir Quebec party in Quebec. He worked among the party for about 10 years until he got dismissed for having expressed his opinion on his own Facebook page about the vaccine passport.

“The executive, all the executives of every county. They were told the same thing. Do not question anything. They use dissidents like me as an example.” 

Stephane Hamel explained how among the party, the members were not allowed to question the government. Only the high level of ministry were informed about the political decision. At the beginning, Mr. Hamel understood that it was important to not question since it was important to not put doubt in the mind of the population. But as more data and information was coming out, the more Stephane Hamel had questions, and he was reprimanded for doing so.

“It came to me that nobody wanted to really talk about any of this. And every time I was having a question in our meetings, nobody would want to answer. And the answer comes and the answer is we have to be all together and this. And we cannot put doubt in the population about lockdown and all measures did make sense in the beginning, because everybody had to follow, because it was the unknown.”

Stephane Hamel spoke also about the CHSLD, elderly facilities in Quebec. The mortality in those facilities was higher than everywhere else in Canada. Elders have been neglected and mistreated. Some of them died in horrible and inhuman situation

“I volunteered and I saw cruelty absolutely, despicable acts and I testified for that today.”

No independent and public investigation was launched by Mr. Legault to learn of what really happened to our elders.

Stephane Hamel mentioned that without debate and answers to the population’s question, we are not anymore in a democracy.

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