Fourth Covid-19 booster shot a matter of urgency says Aussie PM

Australia set to follow other nations in recommending fourth jab as pandemic fears are ramped up again

Fourth Covid-19 booster shot a matter of urgency says Aussie PM
Australian PM Anthony Albanese. ABC / Rebel News edit
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Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has called the fourth booster shot 'inevitable' and a 'matter of urgency' for Australians as he warned the Covid-19 pandemic was far from over.

Australian Technical Advisory Group (ATAGI) met on Wednesday to decide on its recommendation for the roll-out of a fourth jab as restrictions are again floated by politicians and the media citing high case numbers as a cause for alarm.

A fourth shot is already available for Australians over-65 years and those considered vulnerable.

"The pandemic isn't over, so my view is that (Australia) will inevitably follow what has occurred in other parts of the world and roll out a further booster shot," Albanese said on Wednesday.

"I'd encourage people who haven't had their booster shots to go out there if they're eligible and do it as a matter of urgency."

His comments follow the recent move by Victorian Premier Dan Andrews' to extend his government's pandemic declaration for another three months.

The declaration was set to lapse on July 12, but has been extended until mid-October.

Authorities across the nation have been ramping up their messaging to encourage the public to get boosted as talk of some mandates have made their way back into the news cycle, The Daily Mail reports:

NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard also warned that anyone who isn't fully vaccinated is 'crazy' as the state braces for a third wave to peak in late July and early August.

The surge in cases is being driven by two Omicron sub-variants, BA.4 and BA.5, and health experts believe the number of cases and deaths will continue to grow.

State and territory health experts are also considering whether to reintroduce mask mandates to curb the case increase.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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