Frontline workers hold one of Calgary's largest protests against vaccine mandates

Firefighters, nurses, doctors, pilots and a vast array of first-time protesters who were united in opposition to vaccine mandates took to the streets of Calgary, Alberta.

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On Sunday, we witnessed one of the largest protests in Calgary since COVID restrictions first came into effect. A crowd that is estimated to have exceeded 2,000 was on hand to oppose vaccine mandates, with particular emphasis on defending the rights of emergency frontline workers.

Last week, firefighters held a silent show of solidarity at City Hall which concluded with them proceeding to touch a fallen firefighters memorial. Fire Chief Steve Dongworth decried their respectful protest as a desecration, and erected a barricade to prevent access to the memorial moving forward. This troubling display is emblematic of a much broader and troubling shift in the attitudes of governing bodies across Canada: many who heralded these frontline workers as heroes mere weeks ago are now treating those among them who are unwilling to be vaccinated as pariahs. Calgarians, as evidenced by the massive turnout, will not allow such disrespect to stand.

Among those gathered were current and retired veteran firefighters, nurses, doctors, pilots, and a vast array of first-time protesters who feel that forcing vaccines on people is a step too far. We also spoke with some familiar folks, including John Carpay of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, Katherine Kowalchuk of Lawyers 4 Truth and People’s Party of Canada candidate for Banff-Aidrie Nadine Wellwood, to name a few.

It was a great show of support for frontline workers and opposition to mandated vaccines, and a potential signal of the growing public opposition to violations of medical privacy and Charter rights. With more protests scheduled in the coming weeks, there is no sign that these voices of resistance will be silenced, if anything, they seem to be growing stronger.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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