Full speeches from Avi Yemini's London book launch event

Rebel reporter joined by friends and fans as UK launch of A Rebel From The Start goes ahead despite Antifa threats to shut it down.

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In a passionate speech at his UK book launch event for his book A Rebel From The Start, Avi Yemini, shared his perspectives on the Israel-Hamas conflict, after arriving in London directly from the front lines of the conflict in Gaza.

But his latest assignment in Israel is just another chapter in his remarkable journey as an independent journalist, covering some of the biggest events and issues that the mainstream media refuse to report on.

The event's location was changed at the last minute due to violent threats from Antfia and pro-Hamas activists, with the original venue cancelling the booking after staff were doxxed.

During his speech, Avi called out the mainstream media's portrayal of Israel and discussed the difficulties faced by Jews living in London.

He noted that the rise of anti-Semitic sentiments had made London unsafe for the Jewish community, leading some families to consider relocating to Israel for safety.

Avi also discussed his personal journey, including the struggles he faced and the patience he had to learn while dealing with legal issues.

He thanked his supporters and expressed gratitude for the opportunity to share his version of the story in his book, which he described as a way to defend himself against false accusations.

While the event faced last-minute cancellations from multiple venues, Avi thanked the audience for supporting the launch and urged attendees to be inspired by the stories of resilience around them.

Below are more speeches from the event:

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TOPHER FIELD: Seeing through the mainstream media lies and not judging a book by its cover

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  • By Avi Yemini

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