FULL VIDEO: Man picks fight with Avi Yemini and instantly regrets it

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The past 24 hours have been quite entertaining. 

Since footage surfaced yesterday of a man picking a fight with me while I was covering a lockdown protest, I have witnessed my haters unite against me despite lacking context, lead-up, or mic audio from the incident.

This video will set the record straight

On Friday, a group of primarily nurses and teachers marched around the vicinity of parliament to protest mandatory vaccinations.  

As always, I was there to cover the march for Rebel News. 

At one point, the rally marched past several outdoor diners, mostly without incident. However, as I walked past one restaurant, a man dining outside pointed at me and began to swear. 

So I walked up to him to give him a chance to tell the world why he thinks it's okay to curse at a journalist while he's doing his job. 

As I approached, a woman from a nearby table joined in and began to verbally attack me.  

That's when things got heated. 

It's funny how people that instigate these confrontations always cry victim at the end. 

You truly never know what can happen at one of these protests. 

Sure, I see a lot of friendly supporters in the crowd, but there are always people like these folks who are ready to pick a fight simply because they disagree with me telling the other side of the story. 

I'm glad my security was there again to keep me safe from my haters. He's a class act and continues to keep me out of danger. 

If you agree that Daniel acted professionally in protecting me, please consider chipping in to pay his bills at SupportAvi.com

Moments like this are a good reminder of why I need security by my side. How much worse could this have turned out if Daniel wasn't there to keep me safe? If you would like to chip in a few dollars to help cover the costs of my excellent security guard, please click here or visit SupportAvi.com


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