Game changer? Independent MLA John Rustad just joined the Conservative Party of BC

A rational approach to concerns surrounding the climate isn’t the only 'controversial' issue Rustad isn't afraid to tackle.

Game changer? Independent MLA John Rustad just joined the Conservative Party of BC
The Canadian Press / Dirk Meissner
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This morning, Independent Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) John Rustad announced that he has joined the re-branded Conservative Party of British Columbia.

The seasoned MLA for Central BC’s Nechacko-Lakes was initially re-elected under the BC Liberal Party (soon to be renamed BC United) in 2020. Rustad was removed from the BC Liberals last summer after retweeting a post from the director of the CO2 Coalition, Patrick Moore, which stated that the case for carbon dioxide (CO2) “being the control knob of global temperature gets weaker every day.”

Shortly after the MLA’s Twitter thought crime and BC Liberal party Leader Kevin Falcon announced the removal of Rustad for what he summed up as “a pattern of behaviour that was not supportive of our caucus team and the principles of mutual respect and trust,” Rustad expressed on Twitter that while he has concerns for climate change and its effects for future generations, he “refuses to support policies brought forward by environmental elitists to punish everyday British Columbians and families who are already dealing with out of control inflation.” 

“This province owes a lot to John Rustad,” Conservative Party of BC Membership Chair Angelo Isidorou told Rebel News in a statement about the party's new union with MLA Rustad. “As a Minister, he led the charge for LNG expansion across the finish line in BC. He signed 435 agreements with First Nations, creating true economic reconciliation. Most of all, John is willing to do the right thing, even when it’s not popular with party insiders. That says a lot about him as a man of principle.”

When asked if the party has any concerns over the possibility that MLA Rustad could make a public post or statement that doesn’t perfectly align with climate alarmism, Isidorou responded that “The Conservative Party of BC is not in the business of dictating what our caucus retweets. John was perfectly within his right to retweet Patrick Moore and we stand by him completely. If we don’t have freedom of speech, we don’t have a democracy.”

A rational approach to concerns surrounding the climate isn’t the only “controversial” issue Rustad isn’t afraid to tackle. Rustad has been one of the very few MLAs to fight for thousands of the province's vaccine-free healthcare workers to be allowed to return to work in order to relieve B.C.’s overburdened healthcare system.

Additionally, last week Rustad brought forward a petition signed by over 10,000 British Columbians and counting, who oppose the province's new Health Professions and Occupations Act (HPOA) called Bill 36 which is set to drastically change how medical professionals are regulated and free to care in B.C.  

Rustad is the Conservative Party of British Columbia’s first MLA since the party has completely re-branded itself from the previously called BC Conservatives. “No other political party on the provincial level is willing to stand by the 7,000 healthcare workers who were fired or quit over their private medical decisions. In addition, no other party will commit to scrapping the carbon tax completely. If you are a conservative-minded person in BC, you have a home with us,” Isidorou added when stating what makes this party a better option than the BC NDP and BC Liberals.

When asked whether the party intends to run a candidate in the upcoming byelection in Langford, BC which will be triggered after former premier John Horgan retires from his MLA seat in March, Isisorou said, “yes, our party intends to run candidates in every riding across the province, including Langford.”

Rebel News has a sit-down interview coming soon with MLA Rustad to inform you about his reasons for joining the Conservative Party of BC so be sure to give us your email here so you don’t miss out on that report.

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