Gas prices skyrocket — do Americans blame Biden?

As consumers take a hit in the wallet every time they fill up, are Americans blaming the Biden administration for these troubles?

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Rebel News' Juan Mendoza visited the pumps in Miami, Florida last week to ask locals and tourists how they feel about the upshot in gas prices.

“This is too much, like back then you could fill up $20 for like half a tank, full a tank, but now $20 is like a quarter a tank,” one individual Mendoza spoke to said.

“We all have to use gas. We all fuel up either for agriculture or for just regular commute to our day-to-day life. So, we're definitely feeling it at the pump,” said another.

Mendoza followed up, asking if this rise in fuel costs could be related to the Biden administration's polices.

“I think that's definitely a component of it. The policies aren't helping. General inflation as a whole is another component of it. We're feeling it all over, not just at the pump, but also in terms of in the store and the production of our food and the transfer of our products” one person responded.

“A little bit,” another person told Rebel News. “But there are circumstances people can't control. The pandemic really affected us. The supply chain is all around the world, being affected and, you know, a war that nobody saw coming.”

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