German anti-immigration activist injured in Mannheim knife attack

The assailant wounded multiple people, including a police officer, before being shot by authorities.

German anti-immigration activist injured in Mannheim knife attack
Uwe Anspach/dpa via AP
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Michael Stürzenberger, a prominent German anti-immigration activist and fervent critic of "political Islam," was the target of a knife attack that took place on Friday in the city of Mannheim.

The incident, captured on camera by the Buergerbewegung Pax Europa group, of which Stürzenberger is a member, left multiple people, including Stürzenberger and a police officer, wounded before the assailant was shot by law enforcement, as seen in videos posted on X.

Buergerbewegung Pax Europa, an organization known for its vocal opposition to the mass immigration of "political Islam" to Germany, reported that Stürzenberger suffered "severe stab wounds to his face and leg" and was transported to a local hospital for treatment.

The group also stated that a police officer who attempted to intervene was stabbed in the back and neck by the attacker and required hospitalization, the Associated Press reported, per Fox News.

Police confirmed that there was no longer any threat to the public, although the official motive for the attack has not been disclosed. Interior Minister Nancy Faeser stated that "if the investigation shows an Islamist motive, that would be another confirmation of the great danger from Islamist acts of violence that we have warned of."

Chancellor Olaf Scholz took to X to express his shock at the "terrible" images from Mannheim, stressing that "violence is absolutely unacceptable in our democracy."

The stabbings occurred at the Marktplatz, a central square in Mannheim's downtown area. The city, with a population of approximately 300,000, is situated south of Frankfurt.

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