German euthanasia clinics now requiring COVID vaccine for patients seeking death

Ironically, the German Euthanasia Association justifies its own existence by claiming that 'self-determination is the guiding principle of our time.'

German euthanasia clinics now requiring COVID vaccine for patients seeking death
AP Photo / Michael Probst
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Those in Germany seeking professional assistance to legally end their lives must now either be vaccinated for COVID-19 or have previously recovered from the virus, says the German Euthanasia Association

In February of 2020, Germany's top court legalized professionally-assisted suicide in the country.

Now, euthanasia clinics in Germany will not provide the service to anyone unless they qualify under the "2G rule" — geimpft oder genesen — meaning one must be either "vaccinated or recovered."

As The Spectator reports:

Irony has been declared many times in this pandemic but now, from Covid-riddled Germany comes the final proof: you can't kill yourself now unless you've been vaccinated. As European countries battle to limit the spread of the virus, Verein Sterbehilfe — the German Euthanasia Association – has issued a new directive, declaring it will now only help those who have been vaccinated or recovered from the disease. In a statement, the association said:

"Euthanasia and the preparatory examination of the voluntary responsibility of our members willing to die require human closeness. Human closeness, however, is a prerequisite and breeding ground for coronavirus transmission. As of today, the 2G rule applies in our association, supplemented by situation-related measures, such as quick tests before encounters in closed rooms."

'Close encounters in closed rooms' – what a fabulous German euphemism for assisted suicide. The term '2G' meanwhile refers to a system which only allows free movement for leisure activities for the geimpft oder genese— 'vaccinated or recovered.' God forbid that a person without the jab should try to end it all – talk about a vaccine passport to the afterlife...

Further irony may be found in the "About Us" section of the German Euthanasia Association's website:

Self-determination is the guiding principle of our time. But what does that mean in concrete terms for the individual in shaping the end of his life?

The Euthanasia Association anchored the right to self-determination in Germany in just a few years as it has been practiced in Switzerland for a long time. As an experienced and reliable partner for our members, we enable self-determined death in their own home and in their own country.

On February 26, 2020, the Federal Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe declared the right to self-determination at the end of life to be a fundamental right, thereby confirming the social legitimacy of our activities.

The history of the association begins in 2009, when it was founded in Oststeinbek in Schleswig-Holstein. Right from the start, our commitment to the right to self-determination at the end of life met with a lot of political opposition. Thus, just three years later, the euthanasia association was founded at the safe place of refuge in Zurich.

Our association has been committed to self-determination at the end of life for over ten years. During this time we have advised over 2000 members in difficult phases of life and accompanied over 300 members during suicide (as of November 2020).

Ironic, indeed— as clearly, the association's fundamental commitment to the "guiding principle" of "self determination" does not extend as far as allowing its patrons self-determination in terms of whether or not they will take a vaccine.

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  • By Sheila Gunn Reid

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