WATCH: Getting back to school basics is key to education

Yasmin Sawyer catches up with mum and senate candidate Allona Lahn

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Home-schooling mum and senate candidate for Informed Medical Options Party (IMOP) Allona Lahn recently spoke onstage at the Brisbane rally about the growing importance of education.

The children are learning rubbish at school let's start teaching them real values, real heart, real skills and build a better future that way,” she said when I caught up with her at the rally.

She expressed her concerns about how governments can change the rules at any given time, peer pressure amongst the children and teachers programming their beliefs.

We trust our kids in public school with random teachers that we don’t know, well, start trusting your friends and your community,” she said.

She said that she joined IMOP because there was no censorship and that they spoke freely about vaccinations, coercion and bullying.

Allona will be touring Queensland with IMOP soon with the upcoming election.

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