Glenn Beck's podcast taken down by Apple 'with no explanation'

The popular host said Apple inexplicably shut down The Glenn Beck Program on the platform without warning or explanation.

Glenn Beck's podcast taken down by Apple 'with no explanation'
AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin, File
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The Glenn Beck Program episodes have been restored, according to the host.

“I want to thank everyone (on the left, right and everyone in between) who spoke up today. I wish I had better answers from Apple on what happened, but you gave me hope that the issue of censorship is still bigger than politics,” Beck wrote in a post on social media.

Apple has removed all of Glenn Beck's podcasts from its platform, according to a social media post by The Blaze founder. “Your show has been removed from Apple Podcasts,” read a statement from Apple shared by Beck.

“They sent us a link and for more details go to the link,” Beck said in a video posted to X, formerly Twitter. “The link only says ‘your show has been removed from Apple Podcasts.’ Well we got that one, dummy,” he remarked. 

“I cannot imagine what they are basing this one on,” the popular conservative host said of the tech giant's decision. “This is absolutely freedom of speech. There’s nothing that we have said that would warrant any removal.”

While the commentator was willing to grant the company a degree of leeway, speculating it might just be a “glitch,” he remained skeptical.

“It's amazing how we have to have a whole bunch of people point out the ‘glitch’ before the ‘glitch’ is found and it's put back.”

Beck said he was preparing for his show tonight, an episode that would delve into issues surrounding President Joe Biden and his family.

“Maybe they're just smoked that I'm pointing out the real crime family tonight,” Beck said.

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