Globe and Mail paid £27,776 by U.K. government for coverage

Globe and Mail paid £27,776 by U.K. government for coverage
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An exclusive Rebel News investigation reveals that the British government funded stories in the Globe and Mail.

The details were filed in response to a Freedom of Information request from Rebel News.

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Here's what we asked:

Provide a list of any funding provided to media organizations in Canada, in 2019.

It's a follow up to a previous request (FOI2020/26108). As with that previous request, I'm not interested in subscriptions or such — just actual funding provided.

In terms of which organizations — how about the following:

Toronto Star
La Presse
Globe and Mail
National Observer/Vancouver Observer
Press Progress
The Narwhal

In response, the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) confirmed that the British indeed funded stories in Canadian media, to the tune of roughly $48,000 CAD:

The British High Commission in Ottawa paid £27,776 to the Globe & Mail in 2019 for a series of sponsored articles related to doing business in the UK.

Earlier this year, we filed a similar request and found that the UK High Commission was directly funding the Pembina Institute, and indirectly funding the David Suzuki Foundation through their sponsorship of the Corporate Knights organization.

You can read the full response document below.

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