Gondek deflects responsibility on Calgary's failing critical infrastructure

More than 1.7 million residents and their businesses were at risk from a water main break last month.

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Calgary's entire clean water supply remains in flux after a main break one month ago compelled the city to urge restraint.

More than 1.7 million residents and their businesses were at risk. "We feel that [our] safety is imminently at risk," said Susan Henry, Chief of Calgary's Emergency Management Agency.

Day after day, Mayor Jyoti Gondek made outrageous asks: Take shorter showers and flush your toilets less, she said. One week of restraint turned into three weeks of hardship.

Moreover, the main break revealed a second, even greater catastrophe on the horizon.

"As you turn on different pumps, we move water through that pipe to measure how that's reacting," said Michael Thompson, Infrastructure Services General Manager for the City of Calgary.

"To fix the system, should we experience any problems, we need to do more," Gondek told reporters. City councillors are urging prompt investment to update Calgary's pipeline infrastructure.

Widely considered Canada's least popular mayor, Gondek has instead increased taxes and avoided all accountability.

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