Halton Regional Woke Police: To Serve and Protect — thieves and vandals?!

This is an outrage and another dire indicator pertaining to how police in Canada are becoming increasingly politicized.

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There is an interesting sidebar to the sordid story that is Mr. Kerry Luc Lemieux, a.k.a., Ms. Kayla Lemieux. He’s that shop teacher at Oakville Trafalgar High School who continues to conduct classes while sporting enormous fake breasts, complete with erect nipples protruding through sheer see-through blouses. And sidebar story is this: the role of law enforcement.

Since last week, members of the Halton Regional Police Service have been on-site at Oakville Trafalgar “protecting” Busty Lemieux from… impolite questions? You know, like maybe Lemieux is a sexual pervert as opposed to a man transitioning into a woman? And if that’s the case, Lemieux should not be anywhere near minors.

Indeed, a high school that is perhaps accommodating a pervert kind of sounds like a REAL policing matter to us. But no. Apparently to even open an investigation and ask questions of Lemieux would be… transphobic? And today we live in a day and age in which the unofficial slogan of Woke Society is: “If it’s trans it’s good and if it’s good it’s trans.” (Incidentally, we wonder how much money taxpayers are forking over in terms of the Halton Police acting as Lemieux’s personal bodyguards?)

But on Sunday, we witnessed truly disgraceful policing in Burlington, Ont. The People’s Party of Canada had organized a peaceful protest at the Halton District School Board headquarters denouncing the ongoing unreasonable accommodation of Mr. Lemieux and his over-the-top drag queen ensemble. Toward the end of the event, a woman who self-identified as a teacher, vandalized and stole election signs belonging to J. D. Meaney, a PPC candidate who is currently running for regional councillor in Oakville.

To vandalize and steal election signs is a crime. Police were called and even though this culprit was caught red-handed and even though there were reams of cellphone video footage proving the allegations, Halton Police refused to lay charges. Why? Great question. And we asked that query repeatedly, but the cowardly cops literally ran away.

This is an outrage and another dire indicator pertaining to how police in Canada are becoming increasingly politicized. Surely the cops could’ve and should’ve laid charges against this thief and vandal and let the courts figure out the details. But no. Halton Police officers are seemingly operating like the comic book character Judge Dredd, in which they not only act as members of law enforcement but serve as the jury and judge as well.

In the meantime, J.D. Meaney is thinking of suing the teacher. If the Halton Police are going to be derelict in their duties when it comes to enforcing the law, it seems as though Mr. Meaney has no other choice but to independently seek justice on his own accord. Shame.

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  • By David Menzies

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