Hamas rockets hit Sderot, Israel, moments after Rebel News arrives

'A Hamas rocket attack forced us to abandon our car and run for our lives within five minutes of driving into Sderot, Israel': Rebel News' Avi Yemini was in the Israeli border town of Sderot as rockets from Gaza fell, injuring at least three civilians.

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Avi Yemini, an Israel Defense Forces veteran who served in Gaza, is in Israel to report on the war. But also to report on reporting of the war against Hamas terrorists who breached the security fence on Saturday and began a wave of rape, murders, abductions, and arsons across the country.

"Seven of my kids don't know any other reality... we need to squash them, we need to kill them... they are the new ISIS of the world," Sderot Mayor Alon Davidi said of Hamas moments after the rocket attack. Davidi has called on Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu to evacuate his city of 31,000.

Sderot is the front line in the fight against Hamas terrorism.

One kilometre from the Gaza border, the small city was one of the first sites of brutal Hamas terror attacks last weekend. Sderot has had thousands of rockets from the Gaza Strip fall on the town in the previous two decades.

Every bus stop in Sderot is a bomb shelter, as residents only have 15 seconds to get to safety once the sirens warn of a missile attack.

According to recent studies, 40 per cent of the children in Sderot have some form of PTSD, a rate three to four times higher than in the rest of the county.

To support Avi Yemini's dangerous mission to get the truth amidst chaos, violence and mainstream media failings, visit www.TheTruthAboutTheWar.com.

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