Hater SHOUTS ABUSE at Avi Yemini but immediately CRUMBLES in his face

WATCH & SHARE the coward embarrass himself.

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Lockdown protests attract all types, but the media tend to focus on a specific few.

Like this guy, who screamed, "you Zionist shill, you Zionist prick Avi," as he marched past me from a distance.

However, when I confronted him for an explanation, it became clear he has no idea what even Zionism is.

Mainstream journalists like to use these guys as a voice pretending like they represent the lockdown protests.

They don't.

They're a tiny minority.

The reality is lockdown protests are incredibly diverse, watch for yourself:

This guy's blind hatred for me is the reason I must have security. He wasn't such a physical threat, but others are.

Our camera captured one man throwing a bottle at me, again, from a distance.

It's people like that who are likely deterred by my securities presence.

So, if you're willing and able to help fund my security, please click here or visit SupportAvi.com.

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