Health Canada stands firm: Pfizer vaccine safe and effective despite undisclosed contaminants

The federal health agency continues to endorse and authorize the novel COVID-19 mRNA injections despite revelations that Pfizer omitted crucial contamination information, sparking safety and oversight concerns.

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Health Canada continues its endorsement and authorization of novel COVID-19 mRNA injections for everyone aged six months and up, despite confirmation that Pfizer duped the government agency.

The federal regulatory agency has confirmed that it is aware of the presence of at least one previously undisclosed residual DNA plasmid, known as the SV40 promoter, through an investigation conducted by journalist Matthew Horwood at the Epoch Times.

Although Pfizer was expected to disclose biologically functioning DNA sequences such as the enhancer, they did not.

This is what many in the scientific integrity community are referring to as “#PlasmidGate” — that scientists have since confirmed the presence of residual DNA, or a genetic structure called plasmids in the vials of the novel biological injections, a disclosure that the manufacturer hid from the regulators during the drug submission and review process.

The shocking discovery has been a point of contention for several months when Rebel News first reported on it with genomics expert Kevin McKernan in April earlier this year.

“There is concern that if this DNA is in high levels inside these vaccines, then the promoter can integrate into the genome and if it integrates in front of an oncogene then it could promote the expression of said oncogene,” McKernan said at the time. “There is a concern of injecting people with high amounts of SV40 promoters because if there is any amount of genomic integration that occurs there is a risk that it will be promoting the expression of genes inappropriately in the genome.

As Canada’s regulatory agency confirms knowledge of this discrepancy to Horwood via a media request, Horwood says he was surprised by the response he received.

“Health Canada said that manufacturers are supposed to disclose all of the ingredients of these vaccines and they did not specifically identify the SV40 promoter in it,” he told Rebel News. “Only after independent scientists found this, Health Canada was able to identify it and let us know that it was in there.”

Horwood's full report shows that experts are conflicted on the safety repercussions of the presence of the SV40 promoter, such as the University of South Carolina’s cancer genomics professor Dr. Phillip Buckhaults, who said that while the “SV40 enhancer poses a small cancer hazard, so do all of the other pieces of plasmid DNA.”

Buckhaults recently testified before a South Carolina senate medical committee, where he urged regulators to compel Pfizer to get the DNA out of their shots.

While Health Canada’s risk-benefit analysis appears unchanged by this recent revelation, Horwood stressed the need for more research. “Fears of cancers are warranted and this needs to be looked at further,” he said.

“Ultimately we don’t know what the long-term impacts of these medical procedures are going to be. I think that the time to have called for a moratorium was shortly after they were released and the first cases of myocarditis in young men started appearing.”

A pre-print paper was published last week which further confirms the evidence of undisclosed DNA contamination, highlighting serious safety and efficacy concerns with both Pfizer and Moderna’s novel mRNA COVID-19 vaccines.

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