HEARTBREAKING: 7-year-old refused critical medical care over valid mask exemption

7-year-old Zander suffered a complete fracture of his shoulder, and his mother is struggling to access adequate treatment because of health-care providers' refusal to accommodate her son's medical mask exemption.

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In wake of the medical pandemonium throughout the “global pandemic,” and due to indiscriminate COVID 19 policies and procedures, those not suffering from a respiratory illness have seen complete disregard of a balanced medical approach.

In this heartbreaking story, I feature mom Hailey relaying her tragic interactions with the Canadian medical system while trying to advocate for her 7-year-old son, Zander. With a complete fracture of his shoulder (his humerus bone), he has been on the receiving end of dehumanizing treatment as though he is some sort of inherent danger — a disease vector — all because he is medically exempt from wearing a mask as per a note from his specialist.

Hailey explains the various steps she has had to take within not only various provinces, but also hospitals and clinics, to try to get Zander the treatment that he desperately needs. But she keeps getting run around with mixed prognosis and, even denied medical care all together! In the mean time, his fracture is already well into the healing process which could result in a life-long deformity.

Zander’s parents now have to make a very difficult decision to make. One that will likely impact him for the rest of his life — leave his shoulder as it is, and hope for the best with one arm being longer than the other with very real concerns around mobility and psychological impacts, or re-break it and start the whole process again.

That's socialized medicine in Canada, in 2021, in the wake of all things COVID, folks.

Patients are treated like viral vectors instead of human beings needing compassion and care.

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  • By David Menzies

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