Help us stop Trudeau from rewriting the history of the Freedom Convoy!

Justin Trudeau's attempting to whitewash his massive abuse of Canadian civil liberties when he invoked the Emergencies Act. Help us tell the other side of this important story!

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The trucker convoy commission of inquiry is underway in Ottawa. It’s supposed to be a reckoning for Justin Trudeau’s abusive decision to invoke martial law, send riot police to attack peaceful protesters and seize the bank accounts of his political critics. 

But Trudeau is trying to hijack the commission. He’s trying to flip it around — to put the truckers on trial. He wants a do-over of the trucker convoy earlier this year, when the truckers inspired millions of Canadians to stand up and be free. He wants to revise history, to portray the peaceful truckers as the bad guys, with him as the hero.

Did you know that Trudeau actually wrote the rules for the commission? It’s an inside job. The first three issues he’s instructed the judge to examine have nothing to do with his decision to crush our civil liberties. It’s just another attack on the truckers.

Watch my video on the subject above — I’ll quote word for word from Trudeau’s orders to the judge. And if you want to see reactions to the first day of the hearing, tune in tonight for our special livestream, where I'll be joined by Sheila Gunn Reid.

How do we stop Trudeau from whitewashing his own authoritarian decisions and falsely smearing the truckers? Well, the same we way did back in January and February, where we went all-out covering the trucker convoy itself. You might remember, we covered the truckers like no-one else in Canada. 

  • We were embedded with the main convoy as it went to Ottawa.
  • We reported from smaller convoys in Windsor and the lower mainland in B.C.
  • We had reporters camped out at the blockade at the Alberta-Montana border.
  • And we crowdfunded lawyers for any truckers who were charged and ticketed.

Well, we’ve got the old band back together! Starting today, we’ve got the most comprehensive news coverage of any news network in Canada. Let me explain how we're going to do that:

1. We’ve set up a special website

Please visit — it’s where all of our videos on the subject will be posted. And it’s where we plan to crowdfund our citizen journalism.

2. We’ve rented a large AirBNB right next to the commission, to use as a studio

The key element in our plan is the pop-up Ottawa HQ we’ve built. We’ve rented a large AirBNB with four bedrooms and a large living room that we intend to use as our base camp. Our reporters will cycle through this HQ and use the living room as a studio.

3. We’re rotating FIFTEEN reporters through our Ottawa HQ over the next six weeks!

Many of our journalists got their start working on the original trucker convoy. So naturally they’re all champing at the bit to get back into this story — and to make sure the liars from the mainstream media don’t hijack the story with Trudeau’s propaganda. Over the court of the next six weeks, we’ll cycle through fifteen of our reporters — including me. I’m going there tonight!

4. And we’ll make sure that the other side of the story is told.

That’s our whole reason for existence — to provide an alternative to the regime’s official narrative. The truckers did what no other institution was willing to do — not the opposition parties, not the mainstream media, not any judge. They stood up to Trudeau’s bullying, his lockdowns and his authoritarian vaccine mandates.

But if it weren’t for honest, accurate reporting by our citizen journalists, Trudeau would have succeeded in smearing them. That’s why we’re going all-out with our project right now.

But I need your help. Renting a large AirBNB and making it into a studio is expensive — nearly $15,000 just for the rent. Plus, we need to fly in our reporters over the next six weeks. We have other costs, too, including proper equipment for our TV studio. I believe the total cost of this project will be $30,000 — but it could go as high as $40,000.

We want to do it right — $40,000 is a rounding error for Trudeau’s CBC state broadcaster and it’s an enormous cost for us. But we must do it — to stop Trudeau from smearing the truckers and whitewashing his own misconduct.

If you agree that this is vital, please click here or to go, to chip in. During the original convoy, our Rebel News reports were seen a grand total of 400,000,000 times — we were the largest source of news on the subject. That made all the difference, and helped the truckers get their message across without being censored or smeared. Please help us do it again. This is an enormous expense for us, but I regard it as essential. If you agree, please help chip in to cover our costs — I’d be so grateful.

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