Here's what the Liberals are getting in exchange for giving the NDP pharmacare

Sheila Gunn Reid explains what the Justin Trudeau's Liberals are getting in exchange for giving Jagmeet Singh's New Democrats their much-desired pharmacare legislation.

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I think I found what the Liberals are getting in exchange for giving the New Democrats their expensive national pharmacare deal.

I think the NDP is going to back a Liberal motion to block Conservatives from forcing votes on everything during the estimates and would let the Liberals extend sittings or shut down the House of Commons as early as they wish.

The national drug plan, an NDP flagship policy, will include access to diabetes meds and contraception, and it won't hurt the country's already strained finances, says the minister of cancelled Disney+ subscriptions, Chrystia Freeland.

However, no one really can give a firm ballpark figure about what a national drug plan is going to cost the already-struggling taxpayers of Canada. The Globe and Mail cites government numbers of $1 billion annually.

However, the Parliamentary Budget Officer puts the number at closer to $11 billion annually.

Look at this:

[NDP Leader] Jagmeet Singh said while he hasn't secured a hard deadline for implementing pharmacare – which the Parliamentary Budget Officer estimates will cost about $11 billion a year – the NDP has "laid out the foundation with this legislation," and beyond that it will be an "ongoing battle."

With that, Alberta and likely Saskatchewan are opting out.

With the financial cost of the drug plan uncertain, I can tell you that the NDP was willing to sell out basic parliamentary democracy to get their socialist health-care scheme pushed through.

Let me show you this sinister Liberal plot to make sure that the latest government censorship plan, the 'Online Harms Bill', passes with the least amount of debate or scrutiny.

It's in the House of Commons right now. Here, read for yourself:

“Notwithstanding any order or unusual practice of the house for the duration of this session.”


"a minister of the Crown may, with the agreement of the House leader of another recognized party, at any time during a sitting, but no later than 6:30 p.m., request that the ordinary hour of daily adjournment for a subsequent sitting be 12:00 a.m., provided that it be 10:00 p.m. on a day when a debate pursuant to Standing Order 52 or 53.1 is to take place, and that such a request shall be deemed adopted."


"On any day, at midnight or thereafter, if the House has not completed a series of recorded divisions related to the business of supply or on any bill, a minister of the Crown may move, at any time, the suspension of the sitting of the House, which shall be deemed adopted, and the sitting of the House shall be suspended until 9:00 a.m., later that calendar day.”

The NDP is willing to shut down any attempts to temper the Liberals' tyrannical desire to control what we can see and say on the internet so that we can buy birth control for Liberal cat moms.

This directly responds to the Conservatives forcing marathon votes on the Liberals in an effort to hold them accountable for ramming through legislation that Canadians don't want.

The Conservatives forced the Liberals to sit in the House all night on December 23 to vote on inconsequential line items: 27 hours of straight voting on 100-plus issues.

Because the Liberals won't repeal the carbon tax.

If you bring in profound culturally changing legislation, you should be prepared to argue it, you should be prepared to work for it, and you shouldn't be able to do it easily without opposition.

That's precisely what the Liberals have gotten the NDP to agree to do.

This will make it even easier for the Liberals to bring in flawed legislation and limit the opposition from being able to do their job in the House of Commons, which is to oppose the government.

Yet, the Liberals will say that their 'online harms' bill is necessary to protect democracy. But they shut it down to get the bill pushed through.

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