HEROES SPEAK UP: Two veteran firefighters protest for freedom in Melbourne

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A pair of veteran firefighters of more than forty years have taken to the streets of Melbourne in protest of the latest lockdown extension.

You'll never see these guys on the mainstream news.

They're not thugs or crazy conspiracy theorists. In fact, these guys have helped more people in the real world than most.

Both in their sixies say they used to fight fires to save lives in the community, and now they're fighting tyranny for the same people and reason.

Pointing to police, one of the former firies said:

"They're our brothers, we worked with them. We pulled people out of cars, we pulled them off trees from suicides. We've been there with them, so we know their job's hard, but they're making it harder for themselves by not waking up"

ICYMI This is what happened at the protest that night:

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  • By Avi Yemini

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