Holy hypocrisy! Liberal MP Majid Jowhari gets preachy on climate change & women’s rights

Clearly, by his actions and the company he keeps, he couldn’t care less about these issues.

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Majid Jowhari is quite the catch. The member of Parliament for the riding of Richmond Hill, Ont., just north of Toronto, is actually a supporter of the Iranian regime — the world’s biggest state sponsor of terrorism. What a Liberal indeed!

We like to keep our eye on this guy, and thankfully, Jowhari makes it easy by sending us his propaganda — er, I mean his newsletter — on a frequent basis.

His last one was so bad it was actually perversely amusing.

For example, Jowhari decided to reinvent himself as the Persian version of Greta Thunberg. The newsletter was loaded with climate change tips as well as bravado about how the Justin Trudeau Liberals are saving the planet, one carbon tax at a time.

Consider this nugget: “Conserving energy through strategies such as increasing walking infrastructure, adding e-bikes, and renewable energy storage.”

What the hell is “walking infrastructure”? That’s a sidewalk, isn’t it?

Another gem: “Mitigating climate change by lowering GHG [greenhouse gas emissions] through federal government’s Zero Emission Vehicle Infrastructure Program.”

Ah yes, the EV Infrastructure Program.

That would presumably include the millions of dollars the Trudeau Liberals gave to the multi-billion conglomerate Canadian Tire, so it could install EV charging stations at its stores. What a great use of taxpayer dollars — kind of like giving Loblaw $12 million for new fridges.

Then, some trivia: “In Richmond Hill, transportation is the biggest source of GHGs. Transport sources contribute 44% of all emissions per year, all of which come from vehicles on the road.”

Wow, that’s really something, isn’t it? So, what is Jowhari driving these days (because he's far too important to take public transit, after all.) Does he own a Tesla? Perhaps a plug-in hybrid Prius? Surely an e-bike? Nope. We visited Casa Jowhari and all we saw in the driveway was an old school carbon-spewing vehicle. Then again, you don’t expect the Jowharis to practice what they preach, do you?

Incidentally, the Jowharis often mistakenly think they’re still living in Tehran as opposed to the Toronto area. Which is to say they (yet again) phoned the police on us, even though we remained in our vehicle and never set foot on Majid’s palatial property.

The good news: the members of York Regional Police who responded were superb; they realized that there’s nothing wrong with the practice of journalism on a public street and essentially had to inform the Jowhari clan that our great dominion is (still) under Canadian law.

Yet as they used to say on those Ronco TV commercials: “But wait — there’s more!

Check out this quote from Jowhari’s pamphlet: “It’s been a difficult few months. In the face of global challenges, our federal government has demonstrated steadfast and unwavering support for Ukraine.”

Note to Mr. Jowhari: it you really want to support Ukraine, tell your trigger-happy buddies who are employed by the Iranian regime to stop shooting down Ukrainian passenger airplanes.

Do you remember, Mr. Jowhari, how that plane was shot down over Iran for no valid reason whatsoever in January 2020? All 176 people on board were killed, including 55 Canadian citizens and 30 permanent residents. And get this: Jowhari didn’t bother attending the vigil for these victims in Richmond Hill — a vigil that was held in his own riding. Incredible.

But Jowhari isn’t done just quite yet. Another quote from his newsletter: “Recognizing International Women’s Day & acknowledging the resiliency of Ukrainian women.”

Yes, apparently Jowhari is a women’s libber these days? Well let’s hope that before he burns his manzier that Jowhari will acknowledge the resiliency of Iranian women who remain second-class citizens in their own nation and face fines or imprisonment from the “morality police” if they do not wear proper hijabs.

Postscript: we did visit Jowhari’s constituency office for comment. These days the door remains locked and the windows are papered-over so you can’t even tell if anyone is actually there. Eventually someone did come to the door and inferred that due to COVID-19, it’s too dangerous to grant interviews. No, seriously…

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