Hospitals hiring more travel nurses (at higher costs) after firing unvaxxed staff

Tamara Ugolini hears from a now-terminated Ontario nurse how hospitals in the province are firing unvaccinated employees, while hiring out-of-area travel nurses at higher wages to help fill staffing shortages.

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In this nurse interview, I am bringing Rebel News viewers a slightly different angle than previously featured (like here, here and here, for instance) where the focus has been on the despicable treatment of nurses and health-care staff, once saluted as “frontline heroes,” in the wake of indiscriminate vaccination policies that insist they vaccinate or be terminated.

My body, my choice, no more!

This has led to many of of those health-care heroes speaking out about what’s really happening in the hospitals — and that doesn’t appear to align with the mainstream narrative that the hospitals are overrun and “on the brink of collapse.”

At least, not due to COVID-19, but rather staff shortages… of which vaccine mandates have helped fuel.

In this interview, registered practical nurse Milinda Young joins me to discuss the rigmarole that was her hospital employment situation.

Milinda was served at her personal residence notice that her employment was terminating due to alleged non-compliance with Directive 6 — despite that government directive clearly outlining various ways to accommodate staff who did not wish to be vaccinated, or disclose their private medical records.

During our conversation, we discussed how travel nurses are being used in lieu of full-time staff.

Based on postings on Indeed and, it appears that there is a lot of fluctuation in wage rates for travel nurses. It looks like emergency room nurses in particular are offered a substantial wage, anywhere from $55 to $120 dollars an hour, with Ontario having the highest earners in Canada with an average of $116,000 per year. Milinda notes that in her specific case, a registered practical nurse working as a travel nurse could make double that of her wage.

But wait — I thought the marketing slogan was “Stay Home, Save Lives?” Isn’t the entire concept of a travel nurse counteractive to that narrative?

Looks like the need for travelling nurses will just increase, as health-care settings across the country terminate dedicated and passionate staff due to their personal medical choices. These are nurses that truly care about their patients, those within their own communities, and in the end it’s the patients that suffer most. All for a product that isn’t even stopping spread and infection.

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