How do you connect with Ye? Gavin McInnes on Ye's 'antisemitism intervention'

Gavin McInnes tells The Ezra Levant Show how he managed to land an interview Ye, formerly Kanye West, and whether he thinks the artist is an antisemite.

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A few months ago, Kanye West, now officially known as Ye, made a strange appearance on The Alex Jones Show. The artist, alongside controversial podcaster Nick Fuentes, went on a lengthy rant, perplexing even the host, himself known for his views that mainstream outlets would often label 'outlandish'.

And that's when Rebel News alumnus Gavin McInnes stepped in to host an 'antisemitism intervention'.

Gavin joined The Ezra Levant Show last night for a discussion on free speech, cancel culture, his platform and, of course, his interview with Ye.

So, how did Ye end up on Gavin's show? Well, as he explains:

Because I'm banished. I'm in the gulag, I'm in the caves. So when you get kicked out of society, and they close the gate to the village, I'm there with all the dead bones around me going, 'Hi, welcome to nowhere'.

While he described Ye as a "very unusual guy" who is "very out of touch with what's going on," Gavin didn't believe he hates Jewish people:

What I don't think people get about Ye is he's an artist.

David Bowie did this exact same thing in the late 70s; he wore fascist gear, he had the Nazi armband. He talked about Jews and said that he wants World War Three.

This is art to him.

And I think the worst thing Jews can do when someone does a silly experiment like this is to overreact and condemn and freeze his bank account, because that creates antisemitism. What you've got to do is what I do when the Proud Boys are called white nationalists is, I just roll my eyes and laugh and make fun of the person.

I don't have the power to, you know, cancel their bank accounts. But I wouldn't if I did, you just got to let these guys do their silly art.

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