How Geert Wilders defied death threats, 'racist' labels to win the Dutch election

Ezra Levant looks at how Geert Wilders defied death threats against him from Islamists and 'racist' labels put on him by left-wing critics to win the Dutch election after his long tenure in politics.

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This week, Rebel News Commander Ezra Levant travelled to the Netherlands, where he spoke to Geert Wilders, the Dutch political leader whose party won the most seats in the country's recent election.

Wilders' Party for Freedom has yet to form government, however, as he searches for allies among other parties to build a new coalition.

The win was a shocking upset, seeing the Netherlands cast aside former prime minister Mark Rutte's World Economic Forum-inspired government for Wilders' populist approach.

And while Ezra's conversation with Wilders is available on RebelNews+, prior to meeting the Party for Freedom leader he shared his thoughts on his win and shining a light on some of the personal challenges he faces.

Explaining the threats to Wilders' safety, Ezra said:

Wilders moves with about 10 special secret service cops at all times. Think about that, they probably have three shifts a day, right? And then they have replacements, people on vacation, command centres, advance teams, like we saw today [when we spoke to Wilders]. There's got to be 50 people working full-time just protecting Geert Wilders from death threats. 

The threat of an assassination attempt is very real, but it's not the only issue Wilders faces. More common, Ezra noted, is "the fear of being called racist." Citing the case of grooming gangs in Rotterdam:

This was almost immediately known to people in Rotterham, to social workers, to police, to emergency rooms, to hospitals, to parents, to media, to politicians. But everyone kept it a secret, no one talked about it, because everyone was afraid of being called racist.

And that's not my theory, there was a commission of inquiry into how 1,400 girls were raped in a town the size of Rotterdam. And again and again, everyone said they were afraid of being called racist if they spoke out about it.

Geert Wilders has stood up to both of these threats, and still managed to overcome the odds and win the Netherlands election. Will he be able to form government? Stay tuned to, where you can follow all of our coverage.

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