How states orchestrate censorship to stifle public health data disclosure

In the face of ongoing state-backed suppression of public health data, independent scientists and researchers like Kevin McKernan emphasize the pivotal role independent journalists play in combatting censorship and ensuring public access to vital health information continues.

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Censorship and state-sponsored suppression of public health data is top of mind for genomics expert Kevin McKernan, whose private database was deleted by New Zealand’s health ministry.

McKernan discussed regulatory capture, conflicts of interest and how uncertainties with Pfizer’s COVID-19 jab continue to mount in a previous interview with Rebel News.

Now, McKernan claims to have lost approximately $200,000 USD worth of research data when his MEGA account was abruptly deleted — a platform that ironically calls itself the privacy company.

This followed an urgent injunction granted to New Zealand’s Ministry of Health, which was trying to stop the sharing of anonymized data leaked by whistleblower Barry Young.

Young leaked information from a ‘pay-per-dose’ COVID-19 vaccine database to journalist Liz Gunna and tech millionaire Steve Kirsch, who said it provides clear evidence of high-death rates linked to COVID-19 vaccines, hence the increases in all-cause mortality seen throughout various jurisdictions with high novel injection uptake rates.

Indeed, the World Health Organization’s Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus passively glossed over this horrifying detail during his “high Level Welcome” at the World Health Assembly in May of 2022.

McKernan says the state-sanctioned deletion resulted in the disruption of links within his (and others) Substack and scientific papers.

“When they blow up the server, those links break,” McKernan said. It’s a big mess, which I think stirred a lot of anger online. All of the vaccine sequencing work we did was linked from Mega. The New Zealand Ministry of Health asked Mega to take it down illegally before they had an injunction in place, that's when our attorneys got involved.”

He continued:

It shows the extent of the desperation of the censorship campaign. They're going and doing illegal acts on other people's property. And they took down a store of data about public health… That's free public data that is used in public health circumstances to protect a taxpayer's document on the vaccine injuries that might exist in New Zealand, which should be public information anyway. The corruption is really deep, they’re running scared to the point where they're desperately doing illegal acts to try and cover what they're doing.

McKernan says that the take-home message is to find independent journalists who are covering information of great public importance and support them.

“I think that's going to be the solution to turning this around, take the microphone away from [media conglomerates], and put it back to the people so that the censorship is no longer harming people.”

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