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Rebel News' Fight The Fines legal coordinator Victoria Solomon joined Ezra Levant for an extended interview to provide a status update on our largest civil liberties project to date.

To see that interview, released in full-length from behind the paywall, click here.

In this short segment from the interview, Victoria answers some of the most common questions that applicants to have, including what to do when first receiving a ticket — plead not guilty!

So if you've got a ticket, and you want our help fighting it, remember:

  • Contest the ticket within the deadline set out on the ticket
  • Once you get a court date, our lawyers will take over
  • We communicate with clients by email — make sure you check your junk or spam folder if you haven't heard back from us
  • Keep in communication with us so we can provide any further case-specific instructions
  • Don't fill out the Fight The Fines form multiple times, it slows our overall process down

To submit a story or to help fund our legal efforts, visit Donations made are now eligible for a charitable tax receipt through our partners at The Democracy Fund.

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