WATCH: How to use your vote to REINSTATE informed consent

Informed Medical Options Party implores Australians to remember the last two years when casting their vote.

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Nick Clonaridis of the Informed Medical Options Party for the Victorian Senate believes that the recent drop of the Covid restrictions is purely a political strategy, and Victorians can expect further restrictions and mandates sooner or later if one of the bigger parties is voted in. 

"If there was no election, nothing would have changed. I definitely believe they've done that strategically, so they're hoping that people will forgive and forget. Maybe not in the immediate short term, but I definitely think sooner or later that there will be further mandates and further restrictions". 

When asked if he's worried about people forgetting the difficulty of the last two years, Nick admitted that he is, but also recognises that many people out there are still out of jobs because of their decision not to be vaccinated against Covid 19. 

"I am a little bit worried that some people have short memories. People should have long memories. The fact that people are still stood down from their employment are still out of work and out of money—that'll be enough".

IMOP was formed in 2016 by Michael O'Neill, and Nick says the party leader saw the writing on the wall long before the pandemic hit. 

"Well, before any of this [mandates], we are the original health party, if you will. Our leader, Michael O'Neill, is a bit of a visionary, a free thinker, and somebody who definitely believes in people's right to choose".

Nick also states that despite claims to the contrary, he is not an anti-vaxxer. 

"I'm not an anti-vaxxer. I've had every vaccine known to man, just this one. I haven't taken this one". 

The Senate Candidate's core message is that health decisions shouldn't have anything to do with the government or corporations. 

"We believe that your medical decisions should be made between yourself, your health professionals, and your family; not by governments and not by corporations". 


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  • By Avi Yemini

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