How we fix our broken administrative state | Professor Bruce Pardy

The Queen's law professor told The Ezra Levant Show 'a critical mass of people' agreeing that the government's overmanaging of society is our biggest problem is the crucial starting point to causing change.

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With the Trudeau government pushing through pieces of censorship legislation — which you can learn more about at — Canadians are faced with the prospect of even more government involvement in our lives.

This increasing influence of government on everything was the topic of discussion when Queen's University law professor Bruce Pardy joined us in studio on last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, guest hosted by Rebel News Senior Editor Tamara Ugolini.

Examining how the our government has become so entrenched in all aspects of society, Prof. Pardy told Tamara that it's a tough problem to address without reaching a tipping point:

It's difficult to address incrementally, to sort of say let's and curb this step by step by step by step. Because that, the incremental approach, is what got us here.

The administrative state, and the premise of it, have been around for a long, long time — decades. But not in such a full-blown way as we have now.

The administrative state as it presently exists has grown up over a long period of time, and it now is such a machine that it controls basically everything in society and it thinks that it's job is to manage society.

That's the problem, that's the idea.

If we had a critical mass of people who basically came to the conclusion that the job of government should not be to manage society, that that in fact is the problem itself, that's the place to start.

For more from Professor Bruce Pardy, follow his work with Rights Probe, an organization defending and promoting the concepts of classical liberalism, like individual rights and the rule of law.

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