HUGE VICTORY! Trudeau government backs down, allows Tommy Robinson to travel

The video of Tommy’s arrest went viral globally. It was seen more than 30 million times across different platforms.

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I can’t believe it. David just beat Goliath. Tommy Robinson has been released by the Trudeau government, and has been given permission to fly to Toronto, where he will give a speech on Sunday night. (There are still tickets left – get yours now at

In case you haven’t been following the news, Tommy is a British journalist and free speech activist. He landed in Canada last week, and began a Rebel News speaking tour.

But right after his first speech in Calgary, eight police arrested him, bundled him into an SUV, and took him to a holding cell at Calgary’s federal building.

He was released on the condition that he not leave southern Alberta – effectively cancelling his speech the next night in Edmonton. But the Toronto speech is not scheduled until Sunday night.

The video of Tommy’s arrest went viral globally. It was seen more than 30 million times across different platforms. People started asking questions.

Since when has Trudeau ever cracked down on any immigrant? Since when are eight police sent to arrest someone? At Roxham Road, all police ever did was help fake refugees carry their luggage across the border.

And since when did the immigration department put an internal travel ban on anyone? There are literally millions of non-citizens in Canada, none of whom are barred from giving speeches.

We knew this was illegal. So we hired the best immigration lawyers in the city. Yesterday those lawyers made the case to the Calgary office of Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

And today, they told us: they’re backing down! Tommy and I will fly to Toronto, where he will speak about his experience!

Thank you to everyone who helped us fight back – not just by spreading the word about this injustice, but also by chipping in to help us pay for the top immigration lawyers. (We haven’t received their bill yet, and it won’t be cheap. But it’s worth it – not just for Tommy himself, but as a big win for freedom of speech.)

If you can help us cover that legal bill, please do, by clicking here or going to And if you’re in the Toronto area – I hope to see you on Sunday night!

There are still some tickets, which you can get at www.TommyTour.caToday is a great day for Canadian freedom. It shows you can fight back and win. And courage counts!

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  • By Ezra Levant

Rebel News announces Tommy Robinson's Canadian tour!

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