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Hundreds of cops converge at EY Centre for Rolling Thunder's rally in Ottawa

While freedom of assembly is allegedly a Charter right, these days, it depends on who is assembling.

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We happened upon the EY Centre some 20 minutes outside of downtown Ottawa, and what a sight we saw! Hundreds of police officers from the police services of City of Toronto as well as Durham Region and York Region. There were also officers from the Ontario Provincial Police and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

They had converged at the EY Centre to come up with a strategy in terms of shutting down the upcoming peaceful protest that is going to be staged by the bikers who comprise “Rolling Thunder”, many of whom are war veterans.

The goal of Rolling Thunder was to converge near the National War Memorial. However, the downtown core is going to be shutdown to vehicle traffic. The fear by the political elite is that Rolling Thunder might turn into Freedom Convoy part two.

Such a scenario is highly unlikely to unfold, of course.

So it would seem we are currently living in the world of Minority Report, in which a “pre-crimes unit” arrests and convicts individuals who might commit a crime. Minority Report was a sci-fi flick, but the unconstitutional tactics embraced in that movie have morphed into bitter reality for those living in Justin Trudeau’s Canada.

Indeed, whereas freedom of assembly is allegedly a Charter right, these days, it depends on who is assembling. If Rolling Thunder were Black Lives Matter, the convoy would likely receive a police escort; instead they risk being arrested for… well, we’re not sure, actually.

Indeed, we asked the visiting police officers at the EY Centre what they were doing in Ottawa. Their answers ranged from “no comment” to variations of “just following orders.”

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