If student loans are forgiven, who pays for the pointless degrees?

Students who choose costly education in frivolous fields of study shouldn't be bailed out by taxpayers, says Ezra Levant.

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A viral video of graduating students from New York University's Gallatin School of Individualized Study sharing what they studied has been circulating on social media recently. In the clip, the students say they studied fields like "art as a social mechanism" and "sociology of environmental communication" at the expensive institute.

As the Biden administration continues seeking student loan forgiveness, the video has raised discussion about who pays for programs like these, which cost nearly $90,000 USD per year. The answer, of course, is taxpayers. 

On Tuesday night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra discussed college has changed over the years, and how young men are now dropping out of higher learning, instead focusing on trades or starting businesses.

Looking back on how a limited number of his classes dedicated to niche issues like those at Gallatin, Ezra wondered who is taking all of these obscure studies — and more importantly, if student loans are forgiven, who is paying for all of this:

Who would study all of those made-up studies that we just saw in the video? And who would spend that kind of money on it, and do they expect that they'll be making six figure jobs teaching that? What do you do with those degrees?

I would say it's the feminization of academia, like I say, it's 70% girls [at Gallatin]. But as I said before, that implies that this strengthens women. I don't think it does; it's obviously very trans and very racially conscious, it's right there in their website.

But conscious in the service of what?  

What do these people do at the end of their "studies"? And who really pays for that? Well, in the United States, where this school is, Joe Biden has pledged to forgive student debt. So, all of the young men who said, 'yeah, no thanks, I think I'll become a tradesman, or I'll go start a small business'.

They have to pay their taxes to pay off the student loans of those kids at Gallatin.

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