Inside Dan's Cabinet: Somyurek spills the beans

Former Labor MP dishes on what he says goes on behind closed doors in the Victorian government's cabinet meetings

Inside Dan's Cabinet: Somyurek spills the beans
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Former Labor MP (and unexpected star of the Victorian freedom movement) Adem Somyurek has released a controversial series of tweets that shed light on the Andrews regime.

The tweets, if true, offer a damning insight into Labor, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews, and the state of politics – which appears to waste a lot of time and money on social media. Before being released, Somyurek put up another tweet saying that his ‘insight into Dan’s mind’ for social media was currently being checked with lawyers.

Somyurek correctly pointed out that there was a lot of interest surrounding Dan Andrews’ social media account, particularly as it has previously been reported that he has spent over $800,000 on his Facebook page.

When the tweets were finally posted, they sounded as though they were describing the fragile ego of a communist dictator, micromanaging his online approval rating.

“First item on the agenda every Cabinet meeting is the size of Dan’s online performance. It is a ritual that bores all ministers and interferes with the business of government. But ministers shut up – lest they offend the mad king. Dan’s private office contains a social media unit,” said Somyurek.

“Dan calls a senior female advisor to report on Dan’s online performance. The advisor reports glowingly about Dan’s big reach, comparing the size of Dan’s reach with the size of the PM’s and other premiers in what is a weekly reach measuring contest.

“As the advisor breaks down every tweet, every Facebook post, and proclaims Dan[‘s] popularity, Dan leans back in his chair with his hands clasped behind his head [and] scans the room with pride looking for acknowledgement and praise from ministers of his big reach.

Dan then invites ministers’ feedback. SL ministers are quick off the block effusive in their praise of their ‘dear leader’s’ ‘massive’ reach. Out of fear of being purged Right ministers reluctantly follow. As the advisor returns to her eat, she is often seen rolling her eyes.”

Labor’s social media presence is controversial, with some notorious online accounts alleged to have connections to the Victorian Labor Party by opponents on social media.

PRGuy17 posted his reply to Somyurek on Twitter:

“FLOP: Jilted former Labor MP Adem Somyurek has disappointed fans who believed he was set to unmask PRGuy (moi) today after teasing a big reveal on Dan’s social media shenanigans. Fans instead were told Andrews uses social media and sometimes discusses it in meetings. The spectacular anticlimax, which was teased for a day in advance, is the latest own goal by Mr Somyurek who has publicly aired his sour grapes on Twitter for some time since his sacking and referral to police / IBAC by Andrews. PRGuy has no affiliation with the Andrews Gov’t.”

In addition to releasing embarrassing details about Labor’s Dan-centric Cabinet meetings, Somyurek has threatened to release information on an ‘inner-city elitist lefty wanker representing a very working class outer suburban electorate’.

Somyurek’s testimony before the IBAC hearing has been an embarrassment for the Andrews government, which came out of the event looking a lot worse for wear in regards to internal party behaviour and the influence the government appears to have over the police.

It was Somyurek who forced the Andrews government to water down its Pandemic Bill, when he returned to parliament and crossed the floor in the name of preserving freedom in Victoria.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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