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Insights into the Taliban's twisted version of Islam

The Taliban claim they're implementing laws in accordance with Islam, but as Raheel Raza says, this oppressive regime is not just against Islam, but against all of human decency.

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A lot has been said about the situation in Afghanistan, mainly by self-proclaimed geopolitical experts. Here today, I wish to take a few minutes to discuss some insights that we need to reflect upon.

1. How Islamic are the Taliban? The political version of Islam that they are following is not something that I am a part of, for a number of reasons.

2. They say that what they’re doing this in the name of Islam. That’s a lie, because the Quran explicitly forbids fighting during the month of Muharram which is now.

3. Their treatment of minorities goes directly against any faith.

4. Their treatment of women goes against everything that humanity offers. Even if they have said they will not use violence and include women in the government, they lie. Their assurances mean nothing. There was a violent attack on a women’s rally in Kabul just few days ago.

It’s like leaving a pedophile to take care of a kindergarten!

The irony is that while Afghan women are being forced to stay at home, not get an education and forcibly cover themselves from head to toe, right here in Canada, Melissa Lantsman, a newly-elected Conservative Party MP tweeted: “Years ago, I supported the @CPC_HQ position to ban the Niqab when taking the citizenship oath. I believed it was a symbol of oppression for women which promoted exclusion. My view has since evolved. Tweet deleted. Will continue to stand against islamophobia, antisemitism and hate.”

If you recall, I wrote a book titled The ABC’s of Islamism in which I spoke about political Islam — also called Islamism.

You see this playing out now in Afghanistan. Their human rights violations are similar to those in neighbouring Islamist-run regime of Iran — neither of them are really good models for humanity.

A note about the U.S.: Yes, the U.S. faltered in the withdrawal from Afghanistan because Sleepy Joe Biden was at the wheel. It’s the way it was done under Biden that has made it a dark spot on his legacy. He seems totally unashamed. The point is not that they had to leave — obviously after 20 years they were not going to stay forever.

I think 20 years of babysitting is enough for a nation to grow up and take matters into their own hands. There is a great tragedy unfolding for women, children, minorities and those Afghans that helped the nations that were there.

However, mass immigration is not the answer.

Afghans have to face the challenge and get rid of this menace. I think the U.S. armed forces are one of the most effective and brave. While the whole world is screaming due to orchestrated propaganda from the left that the U.S. has been defeated, the fact is the U.S. never lost a single battle with the Taliban in the 20 years they were there. And the only casualties were because of cowardly IED attacks and suicide bombings by the Taliban, which we saw recently at Kabul airport.

Who orchestrated this uprising?

5. The Pakistani Inter-Service intelligence (ISI), a formidable spy agency, supported Qatar, Iran and Turkey for their own geopolitical interests.

Let’s be clear — the Taliban are a terrorist entity. They take their inspiration from Al-Qaeda and ISIS.

Yet here in Canada, Maryam Monsef, the former minister of women and gender equality and rural economic development, called the Taliban “our brothers.”

For a person who lied about her place of birth on her immigration form, at least she remembers her siblings.

One of her brothers, Mr. Haqqani, is a known terrorist wanted by most countries and also has a bounty of $5 million by the FBI.

The movie that always fascinated me is Planet of the Apes and the concept of the missing link. I don’t have to explain myself further, but look closely at the Taliban model and you will understand.

Something that amazes me, and perhaps others have noticed as well: with planes packed like sardines, no masks, no vaccines 75,000 Taliban march across various parts of Afghanistan — where is COVID-19 in all of this?

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  • By Raheel Raza

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