Internal emails reveal how awfully Halton school board handled 'Busty Lemieux' saga

Stifling parents' questions and censoring criticism seems to be the goal for some of the educrats at the Halton District School Board, David Menzies says.

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Would you believe it? Documents reveal how the Halton District School Board failed students and parents in the saga of Kerry Luc 'Kayla' Lemieux, the biological male shop teacher who wears giant, enormous oversized prosthetic breasts to class.

On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, guest host David Menzies looked at the shocking (but predictable) communications between HDSB authorities.

Discussing how a board meeting happened shortly after Lemieux made international headlines, David noted:

In fact, parents were told that they were not even permitted to ask questions verbally.

Rather, questions would have to be provided in writing in advance and that the staff would cherry pick which questions they would present. And of course, no questions regarding Lemieux would be entertained, just because, OK?

Clearly those at the HDSB at not educators; they are a bunch of censorious thugs.

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