Interview: Anti-trafficking advocate Kate Oseen on Big Tech complicity and kids' internet safety

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Kate Oseen (@katejoseen) is a social media influencer who is using her online voice to combat human trafficking in all its forms. Kate originally became aware of human trafficking through her work in the clothing industry. Ethical fashion was always a priority for Kate, but as she started to learn more about the realities surrounding trafficked labour, she began directing more of her energy towards addressing human trafficking and human rights abuses at large.

Kate is a prolific Instagram poster. Her content ranges from thought-provoking quotes and video clips to elucidatory infographics. She often calls out Big Tech for its complicit participation in the distribution of child sexual abuse material, and she is working to ensure that these companies will be held accountable for their actions.

Cancel culture is also a subject of Kate’s sharp critiques. Her content includes exploring how much good we could do if social outrage was directed towards truly horrific human rights abuses, instead of the latest Hollywood gossip.

Kate is also a voice in the wilderness when it comes to the dangers associated with youth being exposed to the internet. Parents, grandparents, and educators often simply do not have the knowledge required to keep their youth safe on the internet. Kate helps bridge that gap.

I think Kate is an essential follow, no matter who you are. She is virtually unique in her scope. No one else has their finger on the pulse of human trafficking and the darker corners of the internet quite like she does. Her posts are both aesthetically stunning and culturally vital. Be sure to give her a follow.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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