Ireland's Migrant Crisis

Irish citizens are rising up in large numbers through peaceful demonstrations around the country to oppose uncontrolled mass immigration.

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For months now, peaceful demonstrations have been growing around the country and publicised using the hashtag #IrelandIsFull. The protests have been countered by opposition groups using the hashtag #IrelandForAll.

2022 alone saw a 415.5% increase from 2021 in those seeking international protection in Ireland. In 2023, according to the Irish Civil Service, they anticipate 180,000 migrants will be seeking refuge in Ireland.

So far in 2023, there have been over 4,500 so-called refugees and asylum seekers entering Ireland.

Under no international obligation due to the Lisbon Treaty, Ireland — through no democratic consent — has decided to open the country to mass migration from around the world.

Politicians like Eamon Ryan are calling for a 1:1 ratio of Irish nationals and migrants. Housing these so-called refugees and asylum seekers has become so challenging that the Irish government has adopted the British approach of paying huge sums to hoteliers in order to use their property exclusively for asylum seekers.

There is over €605m already being spent on housing just Ukrainians in more than 700 hotels. One of the ways the government is supposedly looking to solve this is by ending direct provision. This would mean those seeking asylum would spend no more than four months in a direct provision centre before being housed in accommodations in the community.

The issues in recent months surrounding mass immigration have led to Derek Blighe becoming a prominent activist in what some are calling 'the peaceful revolution', most notably organising protests and in his role as a citizen journalist interviewing Lauren Spencer who was the victim of a vicious sexual assault by a foreign national who had committed similar crimes in Ireland and abroad.

Solicitor and activist Malachy Steenson, who is credited with leading marches and being a senior voice in the movement has long been participating in the East Wall and other Dublin protests. More importantly, these men are acknowledged in the community as leaders who stress the need for peaceful yet strong protest.

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