Is COVID-19 out of control in Edmonton? Or did the Edmonton Journal lie? Ezra explains

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On Friday's episode of The Ezra Levant Show Ezra examined a recent Edmonton Journal article that suggested, according to a local intensive care doctor, a surge in COVID-19 cases had his ICU "full to the brim."

"Wow, so you know it's true because an Edmonton intensive care doctor said so, this isn't just some journalist saying that," Ezra quipped in response to the article's headline.

After reading through the whole story - six paragraphs later - the Journal explains that there are only 12 people in ICU beds in all of Alberta for COVID-19, while claiming there has been an increase in opioid and mental health admissions too, not to mention a backlog of elective surgeries that had built up.

Ezra came to the conclusion that the Journal had buried the lede on this one, stating: 

There are only 12 virus patients in the entire province. It's other stuff, politician caused stuff, panic and fear and depression caused stuff; drug use, mental health stuff. If you're in intensive care for mental health stuff, I think that means you tried to commit suicide. Then there's the backlog of surgeries delayed while we all panicked and cleared out the hospitals for the 350,000 that were expected from the virus. 

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