Is it becoming socially acceptable to challenge immigration rates?

Maxime Bernier joins The Ezra Levant Show to discuss rising public concern around the pitfalls of mass immigration.

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People's Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier joined Ezra in the studio for a special interview on The Ezra Levant Show discussing the future of conservatism in Canada, including an issue that, according to polling, is quickly becoming at the forefront of the minds of Canadians: mass immigration.

Citing a recent clip of Conservative party leader Pierre Pollievre, Ezra expressed his encouragement at seeing the pitfalls of mass immigration enter into public dialogue, saying:

"I think Pollievre is signalling that he's gonna rein [immigration] in, but he's not giving numbers yet. I think that it's significant that he's willing to talk about it for the first time. You see even the Liberals saying, 'Well, maybe some of these student visas are a little bit out of control.' I see polling in mainstream media that suggests that immigration is too high."

Bernier described the relationship between mass immigration and the exorbitant cost of housing, rejecting the idea that the housing crisis could be solved by increased construction:

"We won't be able to build more houses as fast as we need... If you want to solve that problem immediately, the solution is there and the federal government has the control: just stop mass immigration."

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