Jacqui Lambie smeared as 'racist' by Lidia Thorpe in parliament spat

Lambie defends against racism accusations, demands respect in Senate as majority supports income management.

Jacqui Lambie smeared as 'racist' by Lidia Thorpe in parliament spat
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Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie let loose on Lidia Thorpe in the Senate yesterday after being smeared as “racist” for supporting income management legislation.

A majority of Senators voted to expand compulsory income management as Thorpe repeatedly interjected and heckled them.

Thorpe accused senators of being racist and of forcing ‘assimilation’ on Indigenous people.

Eventually it all became too much for Lambie who blasted Thorpe in an emotional outburst.

“I will not be called a racist in here,’’ Lambie insisted.

“And I’m quite sure all these people over here offended quite frankly I’ve had a gut full of it.

“I will not be labelled with that, and they should not be labelled with it either.

“It is enough today. It is enough. Thank you.”

Senate President Sue Lines said Thorpe “was disorderly and disrespectful.” Lines promised to review Thorpe’s comments and, if necessary, compel her to withdraw her comments.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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