James Lindsay explains that there are 'two classes of people'

'Almost everything the Left does only makes sense when you understand that there are broadly two classes of people with wholly different rules,' said Lindsay.

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Last night on The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra was joined by James Lindsay, who discussed dictatorship, censorship, and the influence of wokeness in today's society.

Ezra started off by reading a tweet that Lindsay posted, which said:

Almost everything the Left does only makes sense when you understand that there are broadly two classes of people with wholly different rules, "the people" and "the enemies of the people," who are not considered valid people. This logic underlies ALL of their thinking.

Ezra asked Lindsay to explain more about the two classes of people in the revolution.

Lindsay responded:

Well, I got this idea from the source really from Mao Zedong, from reading and studying the you know, original CCP dictator. And he used this structure relentlessly.

He separated the people in China into those two categories.  And he says in this speech, he gave in 1957 that ‘who counts as the people.’ 

So during the war with the Japanese, the people were the people who supported the war against the Japanese and the enemies of the people were Japanese sympathizers.

Then he says when we were having this struggle internal to the party, the people who supported the direction the party was going to take, those were the people and the people who were against those are the enemies of the people.

Ezra brought up a comparison to when he was in university in the 90s, saying that "a lot of this wokeness had not yet calcified."

"The idea that you hated the other person or that you would marginalize them or cancel them. That was not widespread back there. You debated them, you laughed at them, you mocked them, you tried to undermine them, but this, ‘I will not appear on the stage with you. You are the enemy.’ I swear that wasn't around when I was in"

Ezra also added "the idea of you know, censoring thoughts which is part of this hatred. You know, 'you must destroy the enemy.' Anything you do against them is excused and justified by the context. And that's what we saw after the October 7th pogrom in southern Israel, the the most barbaric stone-age torture ever captured on film"

"It was like the Holocaust Museum came to life in full color and the reaction by the woke West in universities from, from the fancy people, from the human rights people was to contextualize this and sure they may have been Children and women but they were colonists," Ezra concluded.

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