James Lindsay takes aim at United Nations at protest in Geneva

'Their ambition is to control the world with a global tyranny and a global religion called sustainability and inclusion,' said Mr. Lindsay.

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On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, American author James Lindsay joined the show to discuss what brought him all the way to Geneva, Switzerland to protest against the United Nations.

Protesters gathered outside the UN headquarters in opposition to a proposed pandemic treaty that could threaten the sovereignty of nation states. The agreement would ensure that countries' responses to the next "pandemic" are "strengthened and coordinated."

Speaking to protesters in Geneva, Mr. Lindsay said, "We stand in front of the global headquarters of one of the most evil organizations ever to curse this planet and I'm here to condemn it."

"We may as well be making this event in Red Square in 1934 or before the Chancellery of Berlin in 1944 or in Tiananmen Square in 1954 because the ambition of Geneva in 2024 is the same," he added.

Mr. Lindsay went on to critique the vision of former UN assistant secretary general Robert Muller, who reportedly put forth an idea "not just for global tyranny, but for the UN to seize control of the entire evolution of man and evolution of earth."

"He put forth this vision believing that the world is a meta-organism, that nations of the world, the ecosystems of the world are like organs of a single body. The people, the plants, the animals are like its cells, and for them the United Nations will be its central nervous system, its brain, the centre of its soul," he said.

"Obviously we will have to sacrifice our sovereignties, national and individual, to achieve this vision, this evil, demonic vision. And we must say no," he concluded.

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