Japanese convenience store trials face biometric payment system

A project launched by Yahoo Japan and PayPay will see shoppers be able to make purchases with a facial scan.

Japanese convenience store trials face biometric payment system
YouTube/ Yahoo! Japan
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A new payment system using facial biometrics is being tested by Yahoo Japan and e-payment firm PayPay at a convenience store in Tokyo.

Customers looking to use the new form of payment must provide PayPay with their face biometrics and valid ID before being eligible for pre-registration to visit the Yahoo! Mart Yoyogi Uehara store.

Upon completing registration, shoppers can scan the barcode of items they want to purchase at a self-service sales terminal and then select the "facial recognition payment option" before presenting their face to complete the payment process, Biometric Update reported.

The companies demonstrated how the process might look in a video:

Yahoo says users' privacy and security will be protected during the payment process through stopping reflections or others appearing in authentication images. The system can also pause the authentication process if an unauthorized user is spotted in the frame, the outlet reported.

The company added the design is intended to provide users with a quick and empty-handed shopping experience, limiting the need to pull out a payment card or cellphone.

Biometric Update previously reported on another test, run in Niigata City, Japan that featured 10 businesses participating in a pilot project that used similar technology and worked with customers wearing masks.

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